Workout Tips

Getting started with a workout plan can be hard! You walk into the gym look around and ask yourself, WTF am I doing? We have all been there, the best way to start is crank up your music and ignore everyone in the gym. I have been working out in Marine Corps gyms which can be very intimidating, even Obama said the Marines are monsters lol, yes I have seen him and the former first lady in the gym as well lol. But on a real note we are all there for the same reason, we want to improve ourselves.

I usually start with cardio, you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing but just get your heart rate up for at least 15 min. Some days I dedicate to cardio, so on those days I will do an hour but that is all I will do for that workout.

Using guided apps is very helpful! I LOVE my Tabata app! 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest.

Always work on form before you add any weights! Just because your not lifting heavy doesn’t mean your not getting a good workout, go light, up the reps then add more weight!

Machines are a great tool to use if your not sure of how your form should be performing an exercise, or if your not sure about free weights yet. All machines have s step by step guide on how to set up the machine and how your form should be.

Sample Workout

10 Rounds Tabata

  1. Burpees/ Air squats
  2. Box Jumps/ GHD Sit-ups
  3. Repeat 1
  4. Repeat 2
  5. Jump lunges/ Slam Ball
  6. Burpees/ Lunges and squats with lightweight
  7. Repeat 5
  8. Repeat 6
  9. Box over burpees
  10. Tube walks and push-ups


EMOM= Every minute on the minute

For this type of workout, I like to include things like suicide drills, distance jumps to get the heart rate up and for the other min, I like to include weight-bearing exercises to bring the heart rate down. Doing High-intensity workouts have been proven to help eliminate something called subcutaneous fat, which is that stubborn fat that is just right under the skin that is so hard to get rid of! How cool is that! You don’t need to do long grueling workouts to get the results you want!

Adding more weight training into your workout routine will not only make you look leaner, it will actually up your resting metabolic rate, meaning you will burn more calories while at rest! Weight lifting will never make you look “bulky” unless you are lifting super heavy, taking supplements, and are taking in the upper level of proteins your body can handle. This misconception has left alot of women in the cardio rooms and out of the weight rooms where they should be. Weight training can also help improve back pain, lower your risk of osteoporosis, and improve overall body composition.


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