Products I love

Foam rolling helps you recover faster after workouts, and works out those “knots” it does hurt but after you feel like a new person! My husband actually carry’s one in his gym bag so he can roll out at work if he is sore. After long runs I sit and roll out my legs for a good 20 min to minimize the soreness and fatigue I usually feel the next few days, the one above is my favorite since it has all those little knobs on it, and its only 23 bucks!
Bands are a great way to work those hip muscles, and to work those muscles that are “under-worked” you can also take them anywhere making the world your gym! This is great for people who travel alot, or who have days you cant make it to the gym. I always keep a band in my purse, yep my purse lol, my right knee caves inward from a muscle imbalance so I use the bands to strengthen my outer thigh, and it helps relieve my hip pain. They are super cheap but effective!
Kettle Bells

Kettle bells are another cheap yet effective item to get for you “home gym” There are so many different movements you can do for a great kettle bell workout that will break you off leaving you sore and tired like you hit a big workout at the gym. For my graduation gift from college I asked for a kettle bell and a box jump, why? because I knew with those two items I could do a whole body workout in the comfort of my home, also if you slowly buy these items you are 1. investing in yourself, and 2. your getting rid of the excuses you could have to not workout. Click the picture to get the link.

I discovered these weighted bars this last year and had to get one! I am a small human who is married to a stocky marine so all the weights we have are for him even though I use the home gym more-so then him, I again asked for my birthday for gym equipment and picked out this bar, I just love it! You can use it for bicep curls, squats, walking lunges, triceps, etc. Plus you an throw it in your car and take it to a park, or to a track to make the world your gym! Check them out by clicking on the picture.


Death Wish Coffee

Like most adults I live on coffee and cuss words, after starting a new job last year which ran me into the ground, I discovered death wish coffee to keep me going all day, it is extra caffeinated but doesn’t give you the “crash” like most energy drinks do, I like to use this as a pre-workout most days since I do like to workout in the morning, this coffee also has no added ingredients, and the taste is smooth and rich, not bitter like some strong coffees.


Finding a “clean” / celiac safe protein powder is just hard, Isopure has luckily made it easy, it is Keto friendly, and celiac safe! I like to add some protein powder to my breakfast egg hash, and to my yogurt at lunch since I always tend to fall short on my daily protein intake, plus its a great way to make plain yogurt taste like it has flavor. The price of this protein is a heck of alot cheaper as well compared to some of the others I have tried. Click the picture to check it out!