Life with Celiac Disease

As you know from my website title I have celiac disease, it is a genetic auto-immune disease. My mom has it, her mom has it, even my sister-in-law has it! I was diagnosed back in 2013 after feeling like I had zero energy and had suffered from major GI issues, I remember sitting in the Dr. office and telling her I feel like I am just going to die I was teaching CrossFit and was told I had severe sleep deprivation on top of Celiac. Years later I learned the ins and outs of living and co-existing in a house that is not completely gluten-free, some of the things that are so important I didn’t know when I first was diagnosed is about cross-contamination, it only takes 1/64 of a teaspoon to cause intestinal damage to a person with celiac disease.

Things in your kitchen that need to be thrown away after being diagnosed is

  1. Flour- flour can get in the air and cause you to have symptoms, cooking and baking with flour can be done but you will have to wear a mask.
  2. Wood surfaces, like cutting boards, harbor bacteria, and gluten
  3. sponges- sponges should be thrown away or washed to remove gluten
  4. pans and baking sheets with grooves can harbor gluten
  5. colander- you should have a separate one just for your food
  6. Bread machines should be new and free of all gluten containing ingredients
  7. Toasters should be only for gluten-free items, we have two toasters in our house, mine and my husbands.
  8. Always wash your hands after handling gluten-containing food, I even switched my dogs food to grain-free since I am the one who pours the food into the container.
  9. make a section of the grill just for you, if buns were on the grill it can cross contaminate your food, heat will not kill the gluten
  10. Soy sauce is not gluten-free
  11. glue= gluten
  12. always check your spices, some contain wheat!
  13. Double check vitamins to make sure they are gluten-free. Country life Vitamins are certified gluten-free!
  14. Lotions, makeup and hand sanitize can contain wheat germ oil.

Two of my favorite books I have read after I was diagnosed that made me feel not so alone in this journey are, Jennifer’s way, and Celiac and The Beast, they both help you navigate this new world of living with gluten and dealing with the symptoms associated with celiac.

Traveling with Celiac doesn’t mean you have to starve! As a military spouse we are always moving and traveling across the country, I have found these work perfect for toasting and keeping your food safe while you are at a hotel or someone else house! Another must is Quest bars! Whenever we go out to eat, or go to the military ball I always have a quest bar and a banana in my clutch. They are full of fiber so they fill you up so your night wont be ruined by your growling stomach. 

Simple mills has some of the best crackers, I buy them on Amazon so I can buy in bulk. They also have them at Costco if your lucky enough to live by one. All of their products are soooo freaking good and they are all grain-free and refined sugar-free! I have made their muffins for my none Gluten- Free husband and he loved them! They are my go-to snack food. Wild Fooods is a small company that sells high quality products, They are paleo approved, and gluten free!

I could not survive in this small town were stationed in without Thrive, plus I save money shopping with Thrive, They have all my grain-free baking essentials at a fraction of the price, and all my condiments and snack foods I always have in my pantry.

I have searched for years for a safe Pre-workout drink, I tried so many that sent me running to the bathroom instead of crushing my workout, I finally found this product that is safe for us with celiac disease!!!!\The best part is you only have to use half a scoop for it to give you the boost you need so it lasts FOREVER.