Programs delivered into your Inbox

Do you ever feel stuck in your same gym routine? Are no longer seeing results? Or are you new to the gym scene and are intimated by all the different machines and dont know where to start? With my step by step 5 day programs you can navigate the gym scene with ease, and help you get the results you have always wanted! Every Sunday you will get a 5 day detailed workout plan delivered to your inbox for only $45.00 a month! Most personal trainers cost $30.00 per session, so not only are you getting a killer deal, you are getting a step- by step guide, plus access to me “your virtual personal trainer” to answer all of your questions and help you on your fitness journey. I also will call and text you during the week to make sure you are staying on track with the program and adjust any of the workout plans on the spot if needed.

With the online programming I also offer couch to 5K programs, Triathlon programming, and half/ Full marathon training all for a great price! I love helping people reach there goals and love hearing your feedback so with everyone of these programs I will be with you every step of the way, shoot me an email to get started!


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