The Power of Running

You see them, those weird people running on the side of the road the ones who wake up early on a Saturday to get their long run in before it gets to hot. The ones who run in the rain and cold many people just drive by and think, “good for them,” or ” I wish I had the dedication.” What if I told you, you have that power and dedication to stick to a running, whether it be on the road or a treadmill? Would you believe me?

The trick to sticking to any program is to start small and slowly build as you feel comfortable. You cant expect to start running and love it, nor can you just go out and run a 5K with ease, it takes baby steps to build up your endurance to run distances and truly enjoy it. I started my journey as a runner after our move to California, I would always drive by people running and people in California love to run let me tell you! So I decided one day I was going to give it a go, in the past I would always catch a cramp and I would give up, or I just couldn’t find my groove for running and I would give up. This time I decided I was going to just run, I was going to run at a pace I felt comfortable with, I started with one mile then I would run home, no time, I just wanted to run. The first few runs were only 2 miles, then 2.5, then 3. At my 3 mile mark I started to add hills, then I added an app so I could track my time. After I got comfortable and started to keep a steady pace, and could run 3 miles without stopping I started adding a mile every 2-3 weeks. Now I can run long distances with no hesitation, and I actually enjoy running!

I had to get mentally tough!

Being mentally tough is pushing through the pain, telling yourself you can keep going when you really want to quite. As you push yourself past that comfort zone you will start becoming mentally tough, you will see the changes in your mindset. Instead of saying you cant you will push yourself to go a little further, you will finish running up that hill, you will find the power to get through those difficult workouts on your own while changing your mindset from saying you cant, you will start down a more positive mindset telling yourself you can!. Everyone has these abilities already, everyone has a drive and a why they want to get into better shape you just have to convince your mind to keep going once you hit that uncomfortable feeling, your mind will tell you to quite way before your body will. At these moments if you tell yourself you can do this, you will push through and gradually make improvements while becoming more and more proud of what your body can do. If you would like help making a running program that fits your needs , please email me at

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