Just Start

Starting a new program can be scary, its so easy to put off and just tell yourself ” ill start tomorrow” then tomorrow comes and you put it off again, and again, and again. We have all been there, putting time into yourself is one of the hardest/ scariest things to do, but to make “you” a priority is essential to health and happiness.

Just start, it doesn’t matter if it is a small start, or if its only for 20 min a day, any exercise is better than none. Once you start you will feel accomplished, you will feel like you can take on the world! Some tips to make exercise apart of your daily routine is to block out a time just for you, make it a “meeting” with yourself that you cannot miss, write down “SMART” goals. and keep them in a place you can see everyday, Remember your “why” why are you working out? and last treat your body like you a god damn goddess and or Greek god, and fuel your body with foods that reflect the new healthy you!

Lastly I want to talk about all the health benefits of exercising and how I made the deans list in college with the help of the elliptical. Exercise not only will improve your physical health it will improve your mental health as well, it is known that working out will help fight depression, improve cognitive thinking and support memory. While I was in college a counselor told me to study while I was on the elliptical, that moving my legs and reading will help me use both sides of my brain more efficiently and I will be able to recall more for my exams, I followed her advise and I made the deans list and even got an A in a fast track stats class! Exercise reduces stress! When your stressed out instead of reaching for a bag of chips, go get your sweat on! Not only will it improve your mood, it will reduce that feeling of feeling stressed out! By getting your heart rate up you release endorphins that are similar to morphine which helps with pain management as well!

Your happy heart

By doing as little as 150 minuets a week you will lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even lower the risk of developing some cancers. that is only 30 minuets a day if you added it into a 5 day routine or an hour a day for a 3 day routine! You can do it, like anything you just have to start and stay consistent with the schedule that works for you. After two weeks your new routine will become habit, and after a month you will start seeing results, then after 6 months others will see all your hard work and consistency! Just start.

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