Tips and Tricks to sticking to your Fitness goals

Change is always a hard thing whether it be moving, changing jobs, or just changing your lifestyle even if its small changes. Making small changes, and writing down your “why” can help you better stick to your goals, if it’s eating better write down your “why” you chose to eat better and place in on your fridge, or mirror in your bathroom as a constant reminder every day. You can also write down how you feel when you eat “bad” and how you feel when you eat more whole foods as a reminder that your body is your temple and it needs clean fuel. You can also make it easier by buying and or making healthier versions of your favorite foods! Not all healthy foods have to taste bad.

For your fitness goals, block out 30 min to an hour as a date or meeting with yourself, making YOU a priority. Do exercises that you like, and invite friends to join you, not only will the time go by faster you both will push each other to get a better workout. I know for myself somedays I just want to go hike, so I skip the gym and I hit the trails instead! Not every day is going to feel great at the gym, everyone rides that struggle bus from time to time, on those days go slower, really work on form and honor your bodies cues on wanting to move a little slower. The biggest part of sticking to a workout routine is just to keep moving. Next, let’s talk about mental roadblocks. A lot of people expect results yesterday and want to throw in the towel after a few weeks of slow progress, as a rule of thumb it takes 6 weeks to notice a slight difference in yourself and it is proven that slow progress is better than just dropping the weight, or leaning out really fast. Your worst enemy will always be the scale! The scale might not move but if your clothes are fitting different that means you are losing weight but gaining muscle which is good! The more lean muscle you have the more calories you will burn throughout the day! You can also email me if you need help staying motivated, or if you need ideas for a healthy version of your favorite recipes!

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