About Me

It just occurred to me today I never really introduced myself! Hi all, my name is Rochelle I am a Colorado Native, Military Spouse, Outdoor loving/ animal loving celiac. Even though I do not live in Colorado currently I know its where my soul belongs, I love hiking and when I say hiking I do mean up mountains Lol, ask my friends when we go on hikes its 6-8 mile hikes up trails that usually switchbacks. That being said I LOVE FITNESS! Working out to me is such a stress reliever and it helps me manage the chronic stomach pain I have been living with since my Celiac diagnosis back in 2012, I found out I had celiac disease because I honestly felt like I was dying!!! I had horrible stomach pains and bathroom problems, I felt so weak and dehydrated all the time, I went into the doctor and my stomach was flipping so bad. Luckily for me, I told them my mom also has Celiac so my diagnosis was pretty fast, for those who didn’t know Celiac is a genetic disease so if a someone in your family has it, it is likely others will too. After being diagnosed I had to re-learn how to cook everything!!! It took a lot of trial and error but I finally got it down! What helped me a lot is being stationed in small towns, like the one I am in now that doesn’t have anything gluten free so I have to order my things online and make them myself which is cheaper and healthier! I really hope you all enjoy my site and if you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email!


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